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Personal Career Development Training Courses

Upskilling can help increase your income and the employee benefits available to you. If you contact eVolve your future, you will have immediate access to:

  1. A team of careers guidance experts (free of charge)
  2. Our employer engagement and workplace learning team.

If the business you work for has changed, or your physical abilities or ambitions change, you have the opportunity to change too. Here are some examples of how people frequently – and painlessly – upskill to improve their prospects.

Moving from customer service to online marketing: People-orientated individuals tend to be effective business communicators and, providing their writing skills are good enough, may suit various online marketing roles. In these cases, we offer graphic web design courses, SEO for business courses and social media strategies training, along with courses on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and blogging for business.

Moving from a member of an admin team to a Personal Assistant: Few people realise that there are plenty of onsite PA training courses available for admin-based career development. In smaller organisations, information technology and social media strategies courses are also included in this type of career development plan, further increasing the value of the role of PA.

If you would benefit from broadening your skill sets, please contact us on 01933 358250 or to arrange a free consultation.